Corporate Events

In your normal course of work, you are probably not thinking, “What can a box of cupcakes do for me?” Here at Cupcakes by Kasthuri, that is pretty much all we think about!


A box of handcrafted organic cupcakes helps re-connecting with old clients, closing deals with new clients, appreciating the team’s hardwork, sharing joy of a milestone with the team, making workplace exciting and plenty more.


A gift of cupcakes can be shared. This sharing leads to even more points of contact. Each point of contact can turn into a new lead. Each lead can turn into new business for you! Our flavourful cupcakes not only please your palette; they can go a long way to create positive memories for your recipient clients as well. All our cupcakes are baked using less sugar without any artificial ingredients.


Our cupcakes are excellent gifts for your clients and delicious treat for your hardworking team. They’re come in elegant boxes with handtied ribbons which adds so much personal touch to your gifts. If our cupcakes help you to grow in any small way, then we grow. Allow us to earn your business.


“Double the flavour, less the sugar” – Cupcakes by Kasthuri